Contest categories

F-1. Use of TV, Radio, Cinema
F-2. Use of Print and Outdoor
F-3. Use of Digital Platforms
F-4. Use of Special Events, Branded Content & Sponsorship, Promotions
F-5. Use of Non-traditional and Ambient Media
F-6. Use of Integrated Media

Entry requirements

Each campaign constitutes one entry.

Please carefully check and re-check the credits you have entered. These credits will be published on our website exactly as you have typed them. Credits cannot be altered during judging.

It will be in your own interest to explain or translate any specific word play or local, social, cultural or political references and nuances.

Please ensure you do not refer to the name of your agency or any contributing creative companies anywhere on your submission materials with the exception of self-promotion.

Material requirements

Please make sure that the version you have uploaded is final and it can be used for judging and shown publicly. 

All entries should be submitted as:

1. ONE PRESENTATION IMAGE strictly in the following format:

Jpeg, 150 dpi, RGB and A4 size, resolution of longest side – no less 1772 pixels

This Presentation Image will be a summary of your entry and MUST be contained on one image. This presentation should contain some key visuals and a simple, clear summary in English of the written part of your entry. There must be no more than 100 words in total on this presentation image (excluding words contained in visuals). 


Case film are accepted as a link to YouTube or Vimeo. 

You should upload your case film as MOV/MP4 file to YouTube/Vimeo. Please note the file size should be no bigger than 350MB.

No agency branding or any contributing creative companies/people must be visible on the entry (e.g. logos, credits etc.) except for self-promotion entries.

Please supply 2 versions of your case film, as follows:

- Long version: 2 minutes long

This case film will be viewed by the Jury during voting and could be used if your entry is a winner in post-Festival promotions. This case film should contain some key visuals - video, still images or any other appropriate footage to best explain the campaign with a simple, clear commentary in English.

- Short version: 30-45 seconds

Additionally, you should supply a shortened/edited version of 30-45 seconds which would be shown at the awards ceremony in the event that the entry is a winner. This should again contain some key visuals and a simple clear commentary in English summarising the written part of the campaign.


In addition, we recommend you supply relevant support material, depending on the type of entry you are submitting. 

- For Use of TV/Cinema, please supply 1 MOV/MP4 of the spot(s) (only if not featured in the explanatory case film). Please see below for accepted formats. 

- For Use of Radio, please supply your ad as an MP3 file in English or with English transcript attached, unless otherwise presented in a case film. 

- For Use of Print/Outdoor, please supply 1 proof or copy of the newspaper, magazine or insert as appropriate or JPG(s) of the ad(s) in-situ. 

- For Ambient Media, please supply 1 copy of the actual sample, video or photographs as appropriate. 

- For Special Events/Stunts, please supply JPG(s) of the events or stunts. 

- For Digital entries, please supply URL or the original website/social media channel with username and password if necessary.

- For Use of Integrated Media, you should supply any of the above as appropriate. 

All support materials should be supplied in the following formats:

Images/Photos/Press clippings: as JPGs, 150 dpi, RGB and A4 size, resolution of longest side – no less 1772 pixels

Video material: as MOV/MP4 (uploaded online). Do not upload TV or cinema ads as support material if they are also contained within your case film.

Radio or audio files: they should be uploaded online as MP3 files, Bit rate 128 kbps, compression ratio 15:1. File size should not exceed 3MB. 

All websites or online materials must be submitted via a URL, even if only posted temporarily for the purpose of the judging. If you submit a URL to a landing page containing content, please make sure it is unbranded and that the files are edited as above.