What is Ad Black Sea for you?

Ad Black Sea is a wonderful addition to the event calendar in advertising. As much as people may argue that there are "enough" awards already – Ad Black Sea is clearly important to Georgia and to the whole region.The enthusiasm that can be felt at Ad Black Sea is really inspiring and energizing.


What are important components of Ad Black Sea for you? What kind of moments or things stay in your memory after the festival? What is great in Ad Black Sea for creators and advertisers?

The work showed that there is not a single place on earth that doesn't have the will and the opportunity to do great creative work. This is something that more people from around the world should experience first hand. I will remember the joy, the enthusiasm, the dedication and the hard work of the organizers. What you can take along: more knowledge, a new and different perspective, and memories of great evenings with great people and great food.


You were Chairman of Creative jury. How was it to be the Chairman at festival as Ad Black Sea?

I truly enjoyed my role as jury chairman. First of all because the organizers did everything to ensure a smooth process. Secondly because I was in the comany with great professionals, having really good discussions. It's been an honor.


On which things agencies should pay attention in preparation their case for festival? As judge what you want to see in entries? As judge what you don’t want to see in entries?

Agencies should make sure that they really send in material that illustrates the work as best as possible. In a film category, we need to see the film, and not just a making of or a case video. Show your material to an experienced judge that doesn't know the work and ask for his or her opinion. And no, there is nothing I don't want to see. Every little bit is an experience. But agencies should be critical about what they send in.


Can you give advices to the participants of contest program of Ad Black Sea (as jury) – what is necessary to do and what is not in entries?

Whatever participants do – in the end the materials need to quickly explain the work and its effect on people. It's important that there are no important questions unanswered for a potential jury member.


According to the participants feedback this festival pretends to the title of the most temperamental and hospitable festival in the world. Do you agree with this opinion? 

They are right. The enthusiasm and positivity is contagious and it is something you rarely find at festivals these days.


In the industry there are debates whether festival awards are real reflection of agencies’ achievements. What is your attitude to this opinion? Could Ad Black Sea awards to be on par with other prestigious festivals?

Awards give an agency the chance to show what they are capable of. Which can be good, if the work that is shown does reflect the work for their real clients. It is worthless if the award work is not connected to the "real" work. Ad Black Sea is young and off to a really good start. Keep going like this and it will be a favorite for more and more people.

See you on Ad Black Sea 2017!



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