Participant Entry name Series Country Advertiser
G-1 Non-integrated campaigns: Promo
Leavingstone G-01-04 100% Real Virtual Reality   Georgia Natakhtari
WINDFOR'S Communication G-01-05 Vismino — Designed by Colors of Music   Georgia GWS
WINDFOR'S Communication G-01-06 A Guest Of Honor   Georgia Fox / Caucasus Online
G-2 Non-integrated campaigns: Special events, Sponsorship
White Rabbit Budapest G-02-01 Skateboards Made by Bears   Hungary WWF Hungary
Voskhod G-02-02 Audible street art   Russia Ural Music Night 
G-3 Non-integrated campaigns: Direct, Digital & Social Media
HAVAS Worlwide Moscow G-03-02 Pimp the house party case study   Russia Sun InBev
Hungry Boys G-03-03 Sound of change   Russia Sound of change music label
Hungry Boys G-03-04 KFC in online game   Russia KFC Russia
Out Of The Box G-03-08 The Most Expensive Smart Bracelet In The World   Russia Jaguar Land Rover Russia
Young and Rubicam FMS LLC G-03-10 LIKEABLE DISCOUNT   Russia
Leo Burnett Moscow G-03-12 Beauty in Dirt   Russia FCA RUS
G-4 Non-integrated campaigns: PR
TALAN GROUP G-04-03 The Cure for Loneliness   Ukraine Farmak
BBDO Russia Group G-04-05 8mamarch   Russia Moscow City Government, Moscow Department of Culture
Betterfly G-04-07 Time machine   Georgia Natakhtari
BBDO Russia Group G-04-09 Feed the good   Russia PETCARE MARS RUSSIA 
Leavingstone G-04-10 100% Real Virtual Reality   Georgia Natakhtari
WINDFOR'S Communication G-04-11 A Guest Of Honor   Georgia Fox / Caucasus Online
G-5 Non-integrated campaigns: Any Other
Friends Moscow G-05-08 {everyone   Russia Russian payment system Qiwi
G-6 Integrated campaigns
TALAN GROUP G-06-03 Machine Washing Stereotypes   Ukraine Electrolux Ukraine LLC
Friends Moscow G-06-14 Alive memory   Russia Google Russia

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