Participant Entry name Series Country Advertiser
F-1 Use of TV, Radio, Cinema
Voskhod F-01-01 4G Radio   Russia Motiv Telecom
F-2 Use of Print and Outdoor
Instinct (BBDO Group) F-02-03 MOSCOW REAL GIRLS — INSTAPOSTERS    Russia Nike 
F-3 Use of Digital Platforms
Hungry Boys F-03-01 KFC in online game   Russia KFC Russia
BBDO Russia Group F-03-02 DO NOT LOOK THE OTHER WAY   Russia Dela Semejnie
YARCHE F-03-03 Cisco: IT BATTLE international   Ukraine Cisco
TutkovBudkov F-03-04 OK GO — Upside Down & Inside Out #GravitysJustAHabit (MUVE to F4 )   Russia S7 Airlines
Young and Rubicam FMS LLC F-03-09 LIKEABLE DISCOUNT   Russia
Young and Rubicam FMS LLC F-03-10 Read to me   Russia CHANGE ONE LIFE (Charitable foundation)
Adpro Ukraine F-03-13 ARKO. Shaving Test 360   Ukraine Evyap
Instinct (BBDO Group) F-03-17 THE IKEA BUTTON    Russia IKEA
F-4 Use of Special Events, Branded Content & Sponsorship, Promotions
White Rabbit Budapest F-04-01 Skateboards Made by Bears   Hungary WWF Hungary
BBDO Russia Group F-04-02 pUp syndrome   Russia Mars Russia
BBDO Russia Group F-04-04 8mamarch   Russia Moscow City Government, Moscow Department of Culture
Young and Rubicam FMS LLC F-04-05 Animals you must see   Russia International Fund for Animal Welfare, National Geographic Russia
Publicis Russia F-04-06 Little Big Show   Russia Garnier
F-5 Use of Non-traditional and Ambient Media
Hungry Boys F-05-03 Sound of change   Russia Sound of change music label
VOZDUH advertising agency F-05-04 "Houses of homeless"   Russia Charitable organization “Nochlezhka”
Voskhod F-05-06 Audible street art   Russia Ural Music Night 
Instinct (BBDO Group) F-05-08 Instead of Cafe   Russia IKEA
J. Walter Thompson Russia F-05-09 Avon #savelove   Russia Avon
Publicis Visage F-05-11 NOW YOU SEE   Ukraine Pro Bono.
Leo Burnett Moscow F-05-14 Beauty in Dirt   Russia FCA RUS
Leo Burnett Moscow F-05-15 The Hidden Car Crash Wine Label   Russia Uber
Leavingstone F-05-17 100% Real Virtual Reality   Georgia Natakhtari
F-6 Use of Integrated Media
Voskhod F-06-02 Listen to me   Russia Ural Music Night 
Instinct (BBDO Group) F-06-03 MOSCOW REAL GIRLS — INSTAPOSTERS    Russia Nike 
WINDFOR'S Communication F-06-07 Every City Needs A Mayor   Georgia East Point Mall

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